Camping ground

Camping ground Map Utting

With us you can reserve your preferred space. Each space is assigend by a number which you can add to you booking request..

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Camping per night
Persons under the age of 6 yearsFree
Persons between 6 and 15 years3,50€
Persons over the age of 16 years6,50€
Caravan parking space 1 (approx. 60qm)7,50€
Caravan parking space 2 (approx. 80qm)8,80€
Motorcycle, Quad etc.3,80€
Reservation fee3,50€
Electricity flatrate2,80€
Care and disposal flatrate2,90€
Tent pitches per night
Normal tent up to 4 People6,60€
Group tents each 10qm8,80€
Permanent camping
Summer parking space 1 (approx. 60qm)1.270,00€
Summer parking space 2 (approx. 80qm)1.485,00€
Winter parking space350,00€
Care and waste disposal flatrate per space90,00€
Electricity per kW0,65€
Power connection1,65€
Boat mooring for guests (per night)
Boat Group 1*4,50€
Boat Group 2*5,50€
Boat Group 3*6,50€
Boat Group 4*7,50€
Trailer extra1,80€
Permanent boat mooring
Summer boat group 1*280,00€
Summer boat group 2*400,00€
Summer boat group 3*555,00€
Summer boat group 4*600,00€
Summer trailer extra120,00€
Winter parking space180,00€
*Group 1:Dinghies, rowboats, inflatable boats, folding boats up to 5qm/ LxB, boats from 7-75qm LxB such as: Kolibri, Varian, 420s, Laser, Trainer-Klepper, Finn-Dinghy etc.
*Group 2:Boats from 7,5-10qm LxB such as: Jetaon-Klepper, 470s, Korsar, Pirat, Hobbie Cat 14, Wengu, Jolle etc.
Boats from 10-12qm LxB such as :Flying Cruiser, Windy, FD, Aquala, Talmar, Fam, Xar-Cat etc.
*Group 3:Boats from 12-15qm LxB such as: Sailhore, Hobbie-Cat, 16/18, Dart, Flamingo Neptun 20, Tempest 20 etc.
Boats from 15-19qm LxB such as: Tornado, Dufour T 7 etc.
*Group 4:Boats over 19qm