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Information about the boatgroups can be found at the end of this website or at the end of our pricelist!


Overview of the boat groups: *Group 1: Dinghies, rowboats, inflatable boats, folding boats untill 5qm LxB, boats from 7-75qm LxB such as: Kolibri, Varian, 420s, Laser, Trainer-Klepper, Finn-Dinghy etc. *Group 2: Boats from 7,5-10qm LxB such as: Jetaon-Klepper, 470s, Korsar, Pirat, Hobbie Cat 14, Wengu, Jolle etc. Boote von 10-12qm LxB such as:  Flying Cruiser, Windy, FD, Aquala, Talmar, Fam, Xar-Cat etc. *Group 3: Boats from 12-15qm LxB such as:  Sailhore, Hobbie-Cat, 16/18, Dart, Flamingo Neptun 20, Tempest 20 etc. Boats from 15-19qm LxB such as:  Tornado, Dufour T 7 etc. *Group 4: Boats over 19qm